The Different Ways of Saying “I love you”

Grace Galdamez, Web Editor in Chief

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Ah yes, It’s that absolutely “wonderful” time of the year when the aroma of freshly picked roses and delectable chocolates whirl through the air, and endless rows of cards and adorable plush bears that say “I love you,” or “Te Amo Mucho”,  fill the aisles of every store on every corner of town. For many, this is the time for romance and friendship. For others, this is a time of complete dread. Regardless of whatever you may think of the holiday, Valentine’s Day has arrived, and it is an excellent time to show all of the many different ways of saying you care.

One of the most common ways that people share their affection or fondness for each other is through gifts. Whether it is bought in a store, glued together, or stitched with love in every seam, gift exchanging shows someone that you care enough to make, or buy them something. To some this may seem shallow and that it is effort that shows one true feelings, but others disagree by saying, gift exchanging is the best way to say you care.

“To me, gift giving is the best way to say you care because you’re basically saying that you care enough to spend money and put in thought into getting something that they will admire and use, because, really,  it’s the thought that counts,” Amelia Vega (9) said.

Another way that people show others they care is by spending time and putting effort into being with them. Whether it comes down to simply buying a stuffed bear that thousands of other people own from Walgreens, or spending intimate quality time with someone you enjoy, it is the memories made, and the laughs shared that you truly cherish the most.  By putting in effort into your relationship, it shows how far you are willing to go to receive someone’s friendship, or love.

“The best way to assure someone about how you feel towards them is to put effort into being with them, because you can go out and buy a gift anytime, but you can’t buy effort, and by putting in effort, they know that you’ll go out of your way to make them happy,” John Powell (9) said.

Finally, by simply saying “I care about you”, or even the very serious and sincere “I love you”, you can assure and demonstrate to someone how special they are to you. Many people believe that when one says “I love you”, it must solely be meant for one’s serious significant other, or close family members purely, but by telling a friend, and even your girlfriend, or boyfriend that their company makes you content, if not jubilant, and that you are grateful to have them in your life.

“By verbally coming out and telling someone how you feel is the most special because their words will comfort you when you need them the most, and will be with you all day, even when the person’s gone,” Gabi Penafiel (9) said.

For those of you rolling your eyes to the back of your head, or making gagging noises at this article, though you may be completely against Valentine’s Day altogether, or you simply don’t feel anything romantic, or even friendly for someone special, you too have a favorite way of being showed affection, or gratitude, no matter how many times you deny it, or laugh. So today that everyone is caught up in the mayhem that is Valentine’s Day, take a moment to share with someone that you care.