Indoor Pool

Andrea Martinez, Quill Co-Editor

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Round Rock may soon be obtaining a multi-million dollar indoor swim facility. As the number of swimmers in RRISD high school swim teams and private swim teams has increased, so has the need for a closer swim facility. Currently, high school swim teams and private swim teams practice at two city owned public pools, Lake Creek and Micki Krebsbach. The trouble with using those pools is that the district must pay around $80,000 per year to use them, and the pools cannot cater to the needs of a team larger than 40 players.

With this in mind, two options have been developed that could satisfy both city and school district needs. One is a $31 million option, which would include an Olympic sized swimming pool, platform and springboards, a warm up/warm down pool, a dive pool, and 1,500 spectator seats. The smaller facility option, budgeted at $24 million, would eliminate the dive pool and have 600-800 spectator seats.

A new swim facility would mean way less money spent by swim team members and their families. “I’m also in club swimming (in addition to swim at CRHS) so we spend upwards of about $1000 per year on suits, traveling to meets, and for all the equipment that is needed. It gets pretty expensive,” CRHS swimmer Brie Harris (11) said. Other benefits of a swim facility are that it would be accessible to all swimmers and could used all year. “If we got one, everyone would be able to swim in a nice facility. Right now, we swim in an outdoor pool. In an indoor facility we could swim year-round and we wouldn’t be bothered by the weather. To be able to practice there would be beneficial,” Harris said. After the city of Round Rock and the school district come to an agreement on how much each partner will pay for the facility, it will be up to voters to decide whether or not the facility will become a reality.

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