Ben Garcia Q&A


Ben Garcia (12)

Kayla Boehler, Quill Editor-in-Chief

Q: What is basketball to you?
A: “Basketball is a fun way to get close to friends and coaches, and to become a leader on and off the court.”
Q: What position do you play? What do you do?
A: “I play point guard which means I’m the main ball handler and leader on the team.”
Q: What do you plan on doing for college?
A: “I plan on going to a great college for education.”
Q: How do you keep up with grades and basketball?
A: “I plan ahead, I prioritize my options and never procrastinate.”
Q: How does your faith play a role in your success and life?
A: “Faith plays a major role in my success and life. I live and play for the man upstairs and whatever happens, happens. I give him all the honor and glory.”
Q: Do you have any superstitions for game day?
A: “I hug my best friend Nigel (Smothers) for good luck.”
Q: What motivates you?
A: “Playing for my family, teammates and coaches. I want to make them proud and do great things for this program.”
Q: What was one defining moment on the team?
A: “When Caleb Golden came back from his injury we started playing Cedar Ridge basketball as a team again. Every game we continue to grow as a team and have great chemistry.”
Q: Anything you would like to add about the basketball season?
A: “This year has been fun and it’s been a pleasure playing under the coaching of Coach Black.”