Boys Varsity Basketball

December 15, 2017


Joe Houston (12)

This year the boys varsity basketball team is 5-10 and plan to make it to playoffs. They started in November and will go until February, and depending on playoffs, a little after that. Their next game will be an away game against Hendrickson on Thursday, December 21st.
Playing a sport isn’t just about playing the games, other things are put into being a team member as well. “Getting involved isn’t just playing in the game, it’s off the court too; starting in the classroom and in practice. If you prepare well, you play well,” Nigel Smothers (12) said.
Practice makes perfect, as everyone says, and the basketball boys practice twice a day to make sure they’re ready for games. “We play a lot of defense in practice, a whole lot of transition stuff, fast paced,” Joe Houston (12) said. Many of the practices they do are basic and what most would do. “We start off with stretches, then we usually hit defense hard, and then team ball; pretty traditional,” Smothers said.
We have many prestigious programs at our high school, like basketball, but there are always desired changes that can be made in order to make them even better. One, like many, is to not have morning practices. “I would change practice times; no mornings, just during and after school,” Smothers said. Others may think more seriously about maintaining their reputation. “I think our basketball program is pretty solid at the moment, but if I could change anything, it would be practicing against JV; they don’t give us a good look before the games,” Houston said.
Not all sports teams are perfect, they all have pros and cons about them. “Our team strength is getting to the paint on offense and our weakness is rebounding the ball and getting some important stops on defense down the stretch,” Ben Garcia (12) said. Not many teams can say that they have all-around players. “The team’s strengths are that we have guys that can play almost every position so there’s many lineups he can go with. A weakness we have is finishing all four quarters how we started. When we’re winning, we tend to get content and gradually start to get scored on,” Smothers said.
Before games, some of the guys have pre-game superstitions. “I do my walk out with Caleb Golden then hug my best friend Ben Garcia,” Smothers said. Many of them are bittersweet. “I hug my best friend Nigel Smothers,” Garcia said.
Athletes are highly praised in high schools but truth is, they’re just like everyone else. Many of the basketball players are going into business in college instead of playing basketball. “I am not planning on playing in college, instead I look forward to pursuing a career in the business field, particularly real estate management,” Houston said. “I don’t plan on playing basketball in college, instead I am pursuing a degree in marketing,” Garcia said.
The boys are “looking forward to winning district and going to playoffs; we won’t settle for less,” Smothers said. Go support your boys varsity basketball team at their games and go Raiders!

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