Which Pizza Topping is The Best?

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Which Pizza Topping is The Best?


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Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in the United States and we decided to see which pizza topping is Cedar Ridge’s favorite.
When surveyed, pepperoni dominated over cheese, pineapple, and meat. Pepperoni came through with 41.5% of all responses, while cheese had 34.9%.
“Pepperoni pizza is my favorite pizza to buy at school,” Vanessa Carrate (10) said. Cheese was also a favorite amongst students.
“I like cheese because it’s simple,” said Oscar Lopez (10). “It just generally tastes better than pepperoni.”
Pineapple was a highly divisive topping with people fighting on each side. Some see it as the best topping ever, others cringe thinking about it.
“I think pineapple on pizza is absolutely disgusting,” Edward Castro (10) said. “Why don’t you just go ahead and put grapes on it as well?”
Other toppings included bell peppers, olives, and tomatoes. Margherita pizza was a common answer.
“I like olives on my pizza because it satisfies my cravings,” Tately Diep (10) said. “Not many people like it, so it’s not typically offered anywhere.”
So whether you like cheese, pepperoni, anchovies, or even pineapple, we can all agree that pizza is one of the best dishes served here at Cedar Ridge.

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