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People Who Have The Motivation to Graduate Early

December 28, 2017

Natalya Bomani (12)

Natalya Bomani (12)

Natalya Bomani (12)

Not many high school students have the drive or determination to graduate early, but this year’s senior class has quite a few students that have decided to take the leap and graduate at the end of the fall semester, instead of in May of next year.

While the idea of graduating early may sound overwhelming, the actual process is relatively simple. “You go to your counselor and let them know you want to graduate early. They go over your credits with you. You have to take some classes over the summer, like English, Science, and a Math if you’re behind for the second semester. You just have to have most of your academy credits, also known as multidisciplinary credits,” Natalya Bomani (12) said. However, aside from the academic aspect of preparation, prospective early graduates need to prepare mentally for the huge step they are about to take. “Have the correct mindset for the future, and make your parents and/or guardians fully aware of what you want to do,” Bomani said.

Early graduates have many different motivations for their decision. “I’m ready to start college, to get my degree in Political Science at Texas Tech and to become a lawyer eventually,” Gloria Matheson (12) said. Others have opted towards taking some time to pursue other goals and taking some much needed time for themselves. I want to start an internship at some type of government affiliated institution. Also, I want to take time to think about what I truly want to do, so I’m set and healthy before I start this new chapter of my life,” Bomani said. No matter what the reason, all early graduates must have a valid reason to take this step.

Graduating early is exciting due to all the opportunities that open up, but also has some disadvantages to consider. “I would say and advantage is that you get head start to a majority of college classes, but a disadvantage is that you miss out on time with friends and the senior experience,” Brenna Greenall (12) said. Leaving the high school environment is a plus for many. “I’m excited about getting a “break” from school before jumping into higher education, and also getting away from high school drama and conformity,” Bomani said. Seniors that are heading straight to college after the holidays have it even harder than most. “The advantages are getting to start my life a little sooner, and get everything together. It’s exciting, but the disadvantage is leaving my family in the middle of the year, right after the holidays,” Matheson said. Although it is difficult to begin this new journey, most seniors that graduate early agree that it is all worth it.

After reading this story, you may wonder what you can do to be able to take advantage of early graduation. The key is to plan ahead. “Stay organized, because it [your senior year] comes up on you quick. If you are really motivated, double up on the classes you can take your sophomore and junior year, so that you can have all your credits,” Matheson said. Although some classmates may judge or criticize your decision, don’t let it get to you. Instead, remain focused. “You really need to know what you want to do, don’t listen to what others have to say, if you think this will benefit you and better your life, you have a real reason to do it. Don’t let others influence you,” Bomani said. There is also no need to stress about losing your high school friendships. “Don’t worry about leaving your friends behind. If they are real friends you will keep in touch and you can always come back and visit,” Bomani added. All in all, graduating early requires preparation in the years leading up to your senior year, but can benefit you in the long run.

These hard working seniors have proven that early graduation is a viable and reachable goal. Through their dedication, they will become the first graduates of the Cedar Ridge Class of 2018. We congratulate each and every one of them and wish them the best on their new journey.

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