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Talking with some of the Student Athletic Trainers, they seem to be very happy to be part of the training program and enjoy participating as well as helping out our sports teams to make sure that they aren’t injured. I think seeing all the athletes putting their all into something they love to do is pretty nice scene you’re both doing something you enjoy doing
Deciding to become an AT (athletic trainer) is something, people would enjoy participating you get to help out the school’s sports team and make sure they can get back to the field at games. “I thought it would be an interesting experience being on the sidelines,” Joshua Santoy (11) said.
Participating in a program such as this is pretty tough, and hard to get into it. “It’s kind of hard to become a trainer but it’s definitely possible to do if you put your mind to it,” Santoy said. Becoming a trainer and all the rules that they enforce are pretty tough but if it is something that you’re willing and wanting to do, it’s worth it.
Some of the student trainers don’t come into high school deciding to join. “Freshman year I originally got hurt and they just asked me to become a trainer and so I did and I enjoy doing it,” Caitlyn Sze (12) said.
Seeing all the legs getting wrapped and ice being applied to the athletes is sometimes the best part about being an AT, “Having the experience of the medical side of it and seeing stuff that you wouldn’t normally in high school,” Sze said is something she enjoys about being an AT.
Being a trainer means that you get to do many fun things. “Friday night football games and seeing how far we can go to the playoffs” Morgan Fogle (10) said is her favorite part about being student trainer. Sometimes you don’t find your career in high school but find instead something along the lines of your dream job. “I want to be a nurse like a neonatal nurse, may be an athletic trainer I don’t know yet,” Fogle said. I think they are both good careers that pay well.
If you feel like you would want to help out the school and get to know a lot of people as well as get to know some medical side of sports, you should become an athletic trainer.

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