College Greek Life

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College Greek Life

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Starting college can be a nerve wracking experience. When moving to a new place with all new people, it can be hard to adjust. An option to help this offered at most schools around the nation, is Greek life.
Greek life originated in the late nineteenth century originally being groups for debate on current events as well as a place for students to further discuss topics gone over in class. This then taken to a higher level becoming a place for students to build friendships and engage in activities together, along with keeping academics at the center point.
Today frats/sororities are very big on planned activities such as parties, dances, and charity events. As well as being an accessible way to meet lifelong friends.
When going off to college many people look to Greek life in hopes of finding automatic friendships to start their experience. Which can for most, make their college experience that much more enjoyable.
College student Camille Turner, whom graduated in 2017 from Cedar Ridge is now involved in Phi Mu at the University of Arkansas. “Getting to know the girls and seeing what each sorority values is important,” she said when asked how she found the best sorority fit for her.
Although each group is based off the same concept, each values different things and are made up of different kinds of people. When searching for your best fit group it is important you be your true self and find where you fit in best.
“Meeting so many girls and always having friends around,” is what Texas State freshman Maya Koproski in Alpha Xi Delta responded when asked what she enjoyed most about being a part of Greek life. “It’s a nice feeling like you’re a part of something and having the opportunity to participate in fun events,” added Koproski.
Both girls commonly can say they primarily joined their sororities in order to help find a good group of friends to enjoy college with. “I wanted to feel like I was a part of a family like I did with soccer in high school,” said Koproski.
Each group giving the girls a close sense of family, due to being able to create a close knit group of friends. As well as spend all their time with their sisters, as they call each other in Greek life.
With a big commitment it can be difficult to balance school work along with your sorority. “It’s all about balance,” Said Turner. “It’s important to make sure you have all your work and responsibilities done before going out to events.”
Although the girls’ big focus is based on engaging with each other and others, they still keep grades before anything. Most having to track library hours each week as well as maintaining a certain GPA in order to stay in the sorority.
Being involved in Greek life has created a back board for these girls to engage in their college life on a deeper level. “You always see a familiar face around,” said Turner. This makes the frightening new start to a new area that much more bearable, as well as creating as both girls would say “a home away from home”.

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