Jaelyn Valero

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Q: How often do you practice and where?
A: “I practice on town lake 6 days a week, and twice a day during the racing season.”
Q: How did you find out about rowing?
A: “I definitely have to give all credit to my mom for introducing me to the sport. She has rowed recreationally for awhile and always told me about how amazing it was. Fitness has always been a very big part of my life so when I found out about a summer camp for rowing my freshman year, I signed up thinking it’d be another fun way to stay in shape. During the camp I fell in love with the sport and met some amazing coaches who though I had the potential to row competitively.”
Q: What’s your favorite thing about rowing?
A: “My favorite part about rowing is the feeling you gain after realizing you’ve accomplished something you never thought you’d be able to. Though it is known to be one of the most physically demanding sports, it is notorious for testing your mental strength. Every day I am forced to push myself to be stronger than I was the day before and push through the mental barrier of not thinking I am strong enough. Nothing will ever compare to the feeling of growing stronger mentally along side my teammates.”
Q: How do you balance rowing and school, especially with it being in Austin and all the hours you put in?
A: “When I first started rowing I expected my grades to drop tremendously being that if I wanted to get a healthy amount of sleep in (sleep is important guys), I only had about 2 1/2 hours to complete my homework and study every night. But after a couple of weeks of adjusting my study habits my grades only went up. Though it is difficult at times, I appreciate that rowing has helped me manage my time, and keep me from procrastinating on school work.”
Q: What do you do for competitions/races?
A: “In rowing, races are referred to as Regattas. There are two competitive seasons in a year; spring season, and fall season. The fall season consists of 5000 meter long races, and the spring season consists only of races that are 2000 meters long. Similar to how track meets have different events, Regattas have different categories for the 6 different boats; singles, pairs, doubles, quads, fours, and eights. I compete year round, and race in a four, quad, and eight.”
Q: What are your plans for college?
A: “My college search has been such an exciting process! As of right now I will either be rowing for Arizona State or San Diego State next year.”
Q: How do you work with your team?
A: “The team chemistry is amazing. We are all very hard working and only want the best for each other, which only makes us stronger as a team.”
Q: How do you practice outside of team practices?
A: “Conditioning and strength training are very important when training for rowing. We are strongly encouraged to cross train when we have the time. In order to practice outside of team practices I use the rowing machine, run and lift weights.”

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