Dear Underclassmen


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As an underclassman there are many things I wish I would have known. Things that would have really helped me were all the different classes I could take, that it is better not to skip, all the different clubs there are, to be wise on who I choose to be friends with, and most importantly is to not care about what others thought of me.

As a freshman I came in here thinking that there were specific classes I had to take for my career. And yes, there are specific classes you have to take for certain careers, but my idea was that you couldn’t take other classes for fun. As an underclassmen I think that those two years as a freshman and sophomore are the school years you should really take as many different classes as you can to see what you like and what you don’t. That way as a junior and senior you have a better idea as to what you want to do after high school. That is something I did not do and now is affecting me. Even if you already know what you want to do after high school it is still better if you also try new classes and explore all your choices.

During the first two years of high school it can get very easy to start slacking off. A lot of things that I regret doing would be skipping class and procrastinating on work. Not going to just one class can negatively affect you in a big way because the class periods are 90 minutes and you can miss a lot. Attendance is also a big thing because making up hours is NOT fun. It is better to do your work and not skip class for unnecessary reasons.

Clubs in high school may seem childish at first. Participating in clubs however, can open the door for you to make a lot of new friends and also discover new things that you like. Another thing clubs can help you with is getting into colleges, especially if you become president or any type of officer in a club. As a freshman I didn’t involve myself in any clubs, but I do recommend freshmen do that now because if they end up liking it they can be in it all of their whole high school years.

One of the most important thing is being wise on friends. You are young 14-16 year olds and you do not need any negative energy from a toxic person at such a young age. Letting go of friends is very hard but if they do not support and give into the friendship it’s time to rethink that friendship. I did not start doing this until my sophomore year and I’m glad I did because it helps you so much. And just because you are cutting negative people out of your life does not mean that you should create drama out of it, that is unnecessary, and just adds more problems to your life.

The last thing is to not care or pay attention to what people have to say or think about you. As a freshman I did spend a lot of time worrying about other people’s opinions. I have now learned that worrying about that stuff is just a complete waste of time. Everyone as a freshman worries about this stuff whether they let it be known or not so they don’t have time to judge others. And as for upperclassmen, they are too busy getting ready to graduate so they couldn’t care less about a freshman. Just do you and don’t let anything get to you.

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