The Man Who Came to Dinner


Theatre at the Ridge has begun performing their one-act play, in the hopes of advancing in the UIL Tournament. The play this year is “The Man Who Came to Dinner”, and one aspect of it makes it more unique than others.
“It really emulates the black and white movie style, so we are performing in grayscale makeup to make it look like we are out of a black and white movie, so that’s what really sets us apart,” Logan Vohs (12) said.
As Vohs said, the entire cast will wear black and white makeup to imitate 1920s and 30s style movies. In addition, the sets will also be painted in only black and white.
The cast is very excited about this experience according to Christian Ramos (12).
“My favorite part about it is working with the great cast that we have and also being the first high school to use grayscale makeup,” Ramos says.
The Man Who Came To Dinner is about Sheridan Whiteside, a radio personality that stays with the Stanley family when he is injured. Whiteside is disliked by all members of the Stanleys and soon becomes a nuisance in their lives.
“Sheridan Whiteside is a very famous radio announcer who is the main focal point of the play,” Vohs says. Vohs plays the role of Whiteside in the play. “He comes to dinner and everything just sort of falls apart because he is very rude to everyone.”
The actors and actresses underwent a very lengthy process in order to get a role in the performance and to pick their role.
“We performed two monologues – a comedic and a dramatic. It was a selection out of a theatre production class, and then we did call-backs,” Jonah Klepinger-Thurston (12) said. Klepinger-Thurston plays the role of Bert Jefferson, an aspiring playwright. “We had to read little script cuts of a character, and then we got to pick our character.”
On March 24th, the cast of The Man Who Came to Dinner advanced to the area finals of the UIL One Act Play Tournament. This was a very special experience for the cast, according to Victoria Duff (11).
“It was so exciting and it was such a rewarding experience,” Duff said. Duff plays June Stanley. “It was really exciting to be recognized for the show and rewarding to see the cast come together. All of us are so excited about it and it feels like such a big accomplishment.”
On Saturday, March 31st, the cast performed at College Station High School, where they advanced to the regional round. On April 14th, Theatre at the Ridge will perform in Waco with the hopes of advancing farther in the tournament.