The Freshman Slime Queen


Photo by Grace Galdamez-Kirkconnell

Jungmin Kang (9), holds her "Detox Water" slime.

Grace Galdamez, Web Editor in Chief

A freshman has rose to fame by opening a slime store on Instagram. Snoopslimes, has built a slime-based empire since she opened up shop in 2017, gaining over 1.8 million followers.

Since 2016, slime has taken over social media, and the “asmr” (Autonomous sensory meridian response) world, whether it be your Instagram feed, on a sidebar on Youtube, or at your friend’s house in a clear container.

It’s seems that this trend is here to stay.

“I have always wanted to own a business, so I opened my shop in February 2017,” Jungmin Kang (9) said.

When she started out, Kang posted and created both clear and white glue-based slimes. However, as her fame and popularity as a slimer grew, she became mainly focused on her fan-favorite clear slimes.

“My first slime was Tutti Frutti, and after that, I had so many ideas for new slimes, and now I usually make clear ones with many different themes,” Kang (9) said.

Her selection of clear slimes vary in colors, accessories, themes, and more. The shop,, always sells out in minutes within a restock.

Some of her most famous, and bestselling slimes include: Detox Water, Tutti Frutti, and Ohana.

“Yeah, Friday restocks usually sell out within a day, and the popular slimes within hours,” Kang (9) said.

Kang has her very own office in which is open most of the week and makes over a thousand slimes for each restock, including clear, fluffy, and cloud slimes. She oversees that all of her products are up to quality and fits her vision of that certain slime.

As of now, the famous slimer is thriving in her business and has no plans to stop selling or creating slime any time soon.