Meet Principal Kim

The New Principal and Her First Semester at Cedar Ridge


Photo by Thomas Shands

Mrs. Kim loves to interact with all students across the school.

Jamie Burgin, Social Media Manager

In the summer of 2018, Round Rock ISD announced Ms. Jiae Kim as principal of Cedar Ridge.

Kim has worked in RRISD for 14 years of her career, and most recently worked with younger children at Spicewood Elementary.

“It’s a lot more complex and on a larger scale here, and the work I get to do as a principal is more intense because I try to serve every teacher in every department and address their needs,” Kim said.

Kim has spent the last 21 years of her career in the Austin-area. She graduated from McNeil High School, then attended the University of Texas at Austin for undergraduate school and graduate school.

At the University of Texas, Kim earned a Master’s of Educational Administration and Bachelors in Applied Learning and Development. However, she originally entered the university as a chemical engineering major.

“I finished all of my minor sequences in chemical engineering, then realized my passion was for teaching rather than engineering. So, I switched my major the second semester of my junior year,” Kim said.

Kim earned a minor in mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin, and now supervises the math department at Cedar Ridge.

“I loved teaching technology, science, and mathematics,” Kim said.

Kim is also passionate about student leadership on campus and encourages students to get involved.

“I want you guys to have the decision-making power, and I want things to be student driven. I want to hear your voice, because it’s about you, not the adults.” Kim said. “As adults we’re just here to guide and supervise.”

Here at Cedar Ridge, Kim has made a few noticeable change in different areas of the school. For example, Kim changed the school vision, and now proudly recites the vision every morning during the announcements.

“The top three values we, the cedar ridge staff, wanted to instill in our students were integrity, compassion, and excellence.” Kim said. “I really want us to live by that, and really make that part of how we live. That’s why I say it every morning, because I really truly feel like that’s what’s going to prepare our students to be a global citizen.”

While Kim tends to focus on school-related subjects and her students, she also wants students to know she has a family of her own.

“I’m married to a wonderful husband named Nick, and we have two children. My son is 3, and my daughter is almost 10 months old,” Kim said.

Kim looks forward to meeting all Cedar Ridge students and their families throughout the school year, and is excited to watch Cedar Ridge grow as a campus and a community.