Thinking About Joining Football?

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Thinking About Joining Football?

Jed Kennis (12) breaks through the secondary in the game against the McNeil Mavericks.

Jed Kennis (12) breaks through the secondary in the game against the McNeil Mavericks.

Jed Kennis (12) breaks through the secondary in the game against the McNeil Mavericks.

Jed Kennis (12) breaks through the secondary in the game against the McNeil Mavericks.

Luke White, Sports Editor

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Like many high schools across Texas, football is one of the most popular sports offered at Cedar Ridge. The excitement of the game can be fun for the players and fans alike.

Over 200 students play football at Cedar Ridge, and there are four teams: Freshman Black, Freshman Purple, JV Black, JV Purple, and Varsity. All teams play ten games during the regular season, and Varsity has the possibility of playing more if they make the playoffs.

There aren’t tryouts to play football, but coaches do decide what time a player will play on. All senior players will play on varsity, and all freshmen will play on the freshman teams.

According to head football coach Sam Robinson, “Generally if you’re a senior, or if you’re on the top two on the depth chart for offense or defense, you’ll be on varsity.”

Varsity and JV teams practice in the morning before school, Monday through Thursday, as well as during their athletic period (3rd and 7th). In addition, varsity watches film after school. Both freshman teams practice during their athletic period (4th and 8th).

Football is free to play at Cedar Ridge, and uniforms are provided. Protective equipment such as helmets and shoulder pads are also provided. The only thing players need to pay for are their cleats. If they choose to wear gloves or other accessories, they must pay for these as well.

When the varsity season ends, offseason workouts begin for all teams. These last until the week after spring break.

“A lot of lifting happens during offseason,” Robinson said. “They have extra lifting in the morning, it’s kind of an optional deal. They do a lot of lifting, running, agility. They’re just trying to get bigger, faster, and stronger for the upcoming spring.”

Once offseason ends, spring football begins. During this time, practice is run similar to practice during the actual season.

“If you’re a returning starter on varsity, during spring ball we’re just trying to sharpen you up a little bit,” Robinson saud. “What we’re trying to do is find spots where seniors graduated, and who’s going to replace them. That’s about how we start making decisions about varsity and JV, and so forth.”

There is no official football practice during the summer, but Cedar Ridge does offer a speed and strength camp to help athletes get better. This camp is not sport-specific.

Since it was established in 2010, Cedar Ridge has developed an impressive track record of accomplishments for their football team. In 2016, the Raiders compiled a 10-0 record in the regular season and were bi-district champions. In 2017, Cedar Ridge reached the Class 6A state semifinal and finished the season with a 14-2 record.

“We train hard, we go hard, and we try to knock the snot out of people,” Xavier Perez (10) said.

“Our coaches push the players more than anyone else,” Curtis Cain (10) said.

Oftentimes the football players learn more than just the skills to play football. They learn lessons that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

“It has taught me how to use teamwork to accomplish a goal and how to be a better person,” Justin Higginbotham (10) said.

Those that play football at Cedar Ridge also make memories that will last a lifetime.

“My favorite memory was during my junior year, when we took down Coppell in overtime with a reverse pass,” Seth Hendrickson (12) said

Football gives players an opportunity to be a part of a community and develop teamwork and character.

Joining the Team:

Those interested in playing football at Cedar Ridge should contact Head Coach Sam Robinson in order to register. There are no tryouts or fees to join. Players will find out what team they will be on towards the beginning of the school year.

Those interested can meet Coach Robinson in the men’s coaches’ office, or email him at [email protected]