Baby Got Track

A Summary of the Track and Field Program at Cedar Ridge

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Amanda Castellanos

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Baby Got Track

Track and field is a sport that not only requires dedication, commitment, and most of all motivation. Many go on and continue running in college. The varsity teams have broken many records in the past years.

There are many events in track, including the 100, 200, 300, and 400 meter runs, along with relays and hurdles, and the longer distance runs, which are 800, one mile, and two miles. There are also many field events.

When you decide to join the sport, you don’t automatically get put in or pick a random even. The season starts off as conditioning and as the year passes, they divide into specialized events while still practicing as a team.

Soni Shukla (9), joined track this year and competed in the 100 and 300 meter hurdles. Although she’s never been to a meet before this year, she was super excited to have gone.

“I loved hanging out with friends and competing in the races,” Shuklah said.

Many people seem to enjoy that social aspect of track.

“My favorite thing about meets is just being there with all your friends is really fun and it’s a great experience,” Sabrina Estrada (10), 300-meter and 100-meter hurdle runner, said.

“I enjoy hanging out with teammates and just having fun with everyone,” Talitha Brant (12) said.

Brant is also in wrestling, showing how track can correspond with other sports.

“While if I hadn’t done wrestling I would have practiced for track more, I am still able to do both sports successfully,” Brant said.

Some runners still haven’t found their event in track, but they still enjoy the sport as a whole.

“I don’t know what event I fit best with yet, but I like really like running, especially long distance,” Agustin Contreras (10), a first year track athlete, said.

Track is a great opportunity to meet other people and embrace your runner’s side. If you are looking for a place to be healthy and free, track would be a great place for you.