Senior Wrap Up


The Class of 2019

Senior year is the end of a journey and is considered by many to be a time for excitement and fun. While this may be true, senior year is also a transition point, where you can reflect on knowledge from the past and develop a vision for the future.


Seniors Look Back

People say high school is where you experience some of the best moments in life. Having spent four years in high school, seniors have gained a wealth of these experiences.

Sports games always leave a lasting impact on players and spectators alike.

“All the sporting games are really fun,” Kaitlin Howell (12) said. Howell has been on both sides of the sporting experience.

“I played volleyball, soccer, and cross-country . Then I figures out that I liked tennis. So I tried out for the tennis team senior year, and it’s really fun to be involved in different things,” Howell said.

Football games specifically seem to be a memorable moment for many.

“The football games were always fun. Beating Round Rock at the homecoming game, that was awesome. That was top notch right there,” Noah Mata (12) said.

“Football games are more special your senior year. The whole question of, ‘Oh my gosh are we going to go to playoffs, are we not gonna go to playoffs?’ That whole sense was a lot of fun,” Kayla Woodruff (12).

Senior year as a whole also seems to have a persisting effect on students, for better or for worse.

“Senior year was one of my easiest years so far and I think it was because I haven’t been so stressed about preparing for college and it’s been chill ever since,”Woodruff said.

“I think my senior year was the hardest year out of all of high school,” Paul Choi (12) said “Many people say it’s the easiest year, but it has its fair share of hardships.”

Teachers seem to leave lasting impressions on students, no matter the high school experience.

“I always have fun in a class when the teacher shows their more personal side and becomes more relatable,” Choi said.

Reflecting back on your years can be a fun activity in and of itself.

“Being in the yearbook is always an exciting and special experience,” Ella Rabon (12) said. “Even though I wasn’t in it a lot, I am still glad I’ll be able to keep the memories.”

Seniors have successfully made it through high school, and they have learned a lot along the way. But now, they are ready to move on, facing whatever the future has in store.


Seniors After Graduation

Seniors are about to start out their lives as adults, free of the responsibilities of high school. But many are going into college or jobs, which come with difficulties of their own.

Some have it all planned out and are eager to move on.

“I’m going to Texas A&M to study biomedical engineering and take a  pre-med track. Hopefully I’ll get into med school after I finish my undergrad degree,” Kayla Woodruff said. “I’m lucky because a lot of my friends are going there too, and we all went to prom together. So In a way we kind of got to start off college at prom.”

Many also got scholarships, recognizing their high school accomplishments, along with financial aid.

“I got a scholarship for cross country, and I got a scholarship for Utah State Business School. I got directly admitted to it because of my accomplishments with business in high school, which is like DECA and all the business classes I took,” Kaitlin Howell said.

“Is FAFSA [Free Application for Federal Student Aid] is a scholarship because I got some of that,” Paul Choi said.

Some students decide to delay college for various reasons.

Durham White (12) chose to join the United States Navy.

“I wanted to take a route that not many people my age take after highschool, one that was a challenge and one which allowed me to see the world while at the same time teaching me skills I could use in my future. I’d take hands-on experience over studying any day,” White said.

Noah Mata is serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

“I will be going away from home for two years to spread my faith,” Mata said. “After that, I intend to apply to a four year college and hopefully get a bachelor’s degree.”

The class of 2019 seems to be well on their way towards reaching great heights, no matter what they choose to do after high school.

Advice from Seniors

As seniors leave they are able to look back on all the things they have learned in high school and evaluate what they wish they knew along with the regrets they have.
These evaluations can translate into useful advice for those students remaining in high school next year.

“Try different things. Try participating in clubs and activities and sports. Don’t worry about staying in the same group,” Kaitlin Howell said.

Involving yourself in new clubs, sports, and social circles is a great way to meet new people and make new friends, which can help you have a more enjoyable experience overall.

Staying involved in your classes, while sometimes stressful, can help you successfully get through high school.

“Stay strong all the way through,” Kayla Woodruff said. ”Go to class, don’t skip, even though senioritis eventually hits hard. Stay on top of your grades.”

Realizing what you can do as a citizen and a student is an important step in improving you high school experience.

“Be aware of your potential. It is a lot easier to try when you realize what you can do.” Paul Choi said.

As the rest of the student body continues on, the school will never forget the alumni who leave, using their experiences to improve its own.


Ms. Kim’s Goodbye Letter



What a fast and furious year it has been! In just a few days, all of you will be walking across the stage to dive into the real world.

While our time together was just a year, I hope that you walk away with great memories built and shared together.

It is such an accomplishment that you all have achieved! I’m so proud of all of you.

Wherever life takes you and whatever you do, believe in yourself and never give up.

When you get famous one day, I’ll be cheering for you on the other side of the TV screen.

Now as Mahatma Gandhi said, go and be the change that you wish to see in the world.


Go Raiders!

-Principal Kim