Top Five Senior Trip Hot Spots

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Top Five Senior Trip Hot Spots

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Senior year comes with a lot of stress so to ease that stress, students prepare for a senior trip. At the end of year, seniors get their best friends and make one last memory before they all go on to start the rest of their lives.


  1. Hawaii

Hawaii is an amazing vacation spot for teens to getaway. There are so many islands to explore, each equipped with pristine beaches and spectacular activities. Hawaii offers numerous tourist attractions and amazing hotels that scream “relaxation”.

There are festivals on the beaches that consist of dance performances and art demonstrations. Of course, Hawaii is a for those with a steeper budget, but if you’re looking to go, the average cost is a little over $1100.

  1. Los Angeles, CA

Feel like spending your senior trip on the West Coast? Well Los Angeles is the perfect way to do it. There’s variety of attractions like the iconic Hollywood sign and the TCL Chinese Theatre, these display celebrities’ hand – and footprints.

You could even take a break from the sand and head to Universal Studios, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Disneyland, where you are guaranteed to have the best time. Los Angeles costs an average of $165 a day, this includes meals, hotel, and transportation.

  1. New York City, NY

If you want to get away from the beaches and constant heat, New York City is the place to go. The Big Apple offers an overwhelming amount of things to do and see like the iconic “Friends Apartment”, the Statue of Liberty, and for you musical theatre lovers, Broadway never fails to keep you entertained.

After sightseeing, enjoy some famous New York eats like Joe’s Pizza, Peter Luger Steakhouse, and Patsy’s Italian Restaurant. New York is also a pretty expensive but totally worth the trip, with just $450-600 per person, you can enjoy the Big Apple.

  1. Cruises

Who says you have to be in land to celebrate your graduation? Ship lines like Carnival Cruises, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian have a many things to do on the ship and offer great deals for students. These ships are equipped with recreational features that allow you to have the best experience.

You can go rock climbing, go down the water slides, and enjoy performances by talented artists. And those are just things you can do while on the ship, once you reach your destination(s), the number of activities grows. Cruises are a way to see and learn more about another country and its culture while also having fun. Caribbean cruises are the most expensive, at $419 per person for about 5 nights, but it includes all the features on the ship. There is another option for those looking for a cheaper trip… as long as you’re okay with a senior trip to the colder regions of the world. The average cost of a Norwegian cruise is $397 and offers many features that make the trip worth it’s price.

  1. Punta Cana

Venture out of the United States to the Dominican Republic and enjoy a tropical summer vacation. Punta Cana has pristine beaches, luxury resorts, and it’s sunny all day long. Whether you’re taking snorkeling classes and playing with monkeys on a safari tour or simply relaxing on the beach, Punta Cana will leave you very satisfied. Not only is the country known for its beautiful attractions, but also its delicious Caribbean food.

A flight to Punta Cana is around $250-400 but the average cost for activities, stay, and food adds up to over $2000(including the flights). This is why many prefer to get the deals for a resort stay, these are usually a total of $900, and resorts offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with features like water parks and entertainment.