Prom 2K19

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Prom 2K19

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The 2019 “Wish Upon A Star” themed prom was held on April 27th at the  Hyatt Regency Austin Hotel.

Filled with sparkly decorations, sub par music selection, and a huge variety of activities and refreshments, this party was sure to leave an impression and create memories amongst all who attended. Guests who entered the prom were greeted with photo shoot station, the kind faces of the prom committee, and a ballot to vote for the king and queen.

“This was my first year at prom; it was a lot of fun, I got to hang out with my friends and there were a lot of activities, and the decorations were really pretty” Lauren Shannon (11).

With preparations taking at least a year to complete, and consisting of many things, including location, theme, funding, and decorations, a lot of planning goes into the upperclassmen’s favorite night of the school year.

“Overall, we started on (funding) in the class council’s freshman year. We fundraiser every year for prom. There are small expenditures based on different activities that the class council puts on every year and all of the fundraising that they raise goes to prom. We do spirit nights and stuff for it,” Mr. Parker, the prom committee’s teacher sponsor, said.

As the party carried on, the prom king, Gavin Szewczyk, and queen, Kyla Woodruff, were announced by Mrs. Kim, the principal.

“It was a big rush of adrenaline (being crowned) and I was so nervous before-hand, because I didn’t think I was going to win and then once I won, I was super excited and shocked by it like ‘wow, I can’t believe this’” Kyla Woodruff (12) said.

The dance floor was constantly flooded with students. From the Cha-Cha slide to Drake and Rihanna, the music selection held a high variety.

“The Cupid shuffle is my favorite. Everyone knows the Cupid Shuffle,” Selin Kaya (11) said.

As the night came to a close, students left with sore feet and their heads were filled with the memories they made.