Spotlight: Anderson Stanley III

Nathan Hill

Photo by Nick Lesifko

Anderson Stanley III is a sophomore student who has made his way onto the varsity basketball team at Cedar Ridge. He has been playing basketball since he was 12, and has loved the game ever since.

His talent and dedication didn’t go unnoticed when he made Freshman A team last year and has now proved himself to be a varsity-level player.

“It was a goal I had leaving freshman year so I worked hard over the summer and coach saw me improve and gave me a spot on varsity,” Stanley said.

With his early success in basketball and passion for the game, Stanley plans on attending a D1 school to continue his career.

“I see a basketball career as a future going forward after high school,” he said. “I don’t have any specific colleges yet, just any D1 school that is willing to give me an offer.”

 Being the only sophomore on varsity is a great honor and accomplishment but also comes with big shoes to fill, according to Stanley.

“In a way, I feel pressured, but as I get used to being on varsity the pressure goes away,” he said.

Though they are adjusting to a new team, Stanley has high hopes for the upcoming season.

“Honestly, I feel like we have a lot to work on as a whole, but once we keep on practicing, and building our chemistry, I think we will be pretty good,” he said. 

The team has had a rocky start to their fall season, with a couple losses back to back and hope to improve.

“Our goal this season is to play as hard as possible and to try to bring home as many wins as possible,” he said.