Students expand on cooking skills

Olivia Janek, Reporter

Ever complained about not knowing how to cook? No idea how to ace an interview? Not even a clue on how to manage your money? Adulting 101, a class offered by the library, is teaching the student body how to be an adult. Just recently, on Oct. 22, the first Adulting 101 class commenced in the cooking classrooms. In the room was an assortment of both potatoes and students. Though there were few students, everyone seemed eager to learn and amicable.

“I was really happy with the outcome of the class because students were engaged and making new friends,” said Ms. Chavez, one of the librarians hosting the class.

 The class began with a short lecture from Chef Chavez, Ms. Chavez’s husband and the cook running the class. He engaged the group of students by telling the history of potatoes, then announcing what they would cook that day.

 In the first class, fries, shepherd’s pie, and baked potatoes were on the menu for the day. Students got to learn how to cut julienne fries, salt and bake potatoes, and watch a demonstration of how to cook a shepherd’s pie. In the second class, they learned how to cook ramen and the ingredients involved(Pictured below). And instead of wasting food, each student got to make a plateful of the dishes to either take home or eat in the classroom.

 “I’m so happy that after I finished the class, I get to taste my own meal,” Stella Ndibe (9) said.

 Students looking to join Adulting 101’s cooking classes can go to the library to sign up. The classes will be going on until November 12.