Are VSCO Girls Going Out of Style?


Hannah Blake, Reporter


VSCO girls have taken over the internet. They are known for oversized t-shirts, Birkenstocks, metal straws, scrunchies and Hydroflasks. Although the trend isn’t talked about as much as it used to be, there are definitely still people who act and dress like VSCO girls. 

VSCO girls get their name from the photo editing app called VSCO. On VSCO there are ways to share your photos and add filters and effects onto them. The pictures are very trendy and a lot of girls like to use the same pose and filter. 

VSCO girls all act and dress in a similar way. They do this by advocating to save the turtles and environment by using metal straws instead of plastic straws. Their more commonly known phrases are “sksksksksks” and “and i oop-”. They are known to wear scrunchies on their wrists or put their hair in a messy bun using a scrunchie. VSCO girls always carry around a Hydroflask which is a very popular steel water bottle that dents super easily. 

Leyre Parra (10) dresses like a typical VSCO girl. Some people may consider her a VSCO girl because she dresses like one.

“I guess I consider myself a VSCO girl,” Parra said. “People always say I am.” 

VSCO girls are very recognizable and many jokes and memes were made about them when they first started becoming popular around July 2019. They were seen everywhere and it became super trendy to be a VSCO girl. 

VSCO girls were a big joke around the internet for a while and many jokes and memes were made about them. There is still jokes going around but the hype around VSCO girls isn’t as big as it used to be. The VSCO girls jokes may not be a thing anymore but VSCO girls are definitely still around.