Should college athletes be paid?


Nick Lesifko, Design Editor

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) makes roughly $1 billion in revenue, therefore people think college athletes should be paid. Popular athlete Zion Williamson has previously been accused of being paid $350,000 to play basketball at Duke University. Other athletes have faced similar accusations. 

In California, the state is in the process of passing a law to get college athletes paid. This has become a major controversy due to the recruiting process. Athletes will now have a greater weight on their shoulders when committing to a California college. Former NFL player Tim Tebow disagrees. 

“Colleges are going from a ‘we’ university to a ‘me’ university,” Tebow said on ESPN’s First Take.

After the NCAA found out that California passed the “Fair Play to Play” bill, the organization sent a letter to California’s Governor that this bill would “upend [a] level playing field for all student-athletes.” The organization is now finding ways that athletes can be paid off their name, image, and likeness.

“I think these guys are given room and board and taken care of great. I don’t care. I really don’t care,” Grand Canyon University men’s basketball coach Dan Majerle said.

Larger schools like Duke, North Carolina, UCLA, and The University of Texas will have a greater advantage since they are D1 schools. D2 and D3 will have a hard time recruiting due to every athlete wanting to get a full scholarship at a D1 school. With these larger schools having more money and being more capable to pay these athletes, recruiting becomes unfair to athletes.

With this act coming in to let athletes earn money while playing sports in college, there are some ways the NCAA can stop this from spreading to other states. The NCAA is not required to follow the states’ laws so if this passes, the NCAA is able to cut funding to the school. When getting a scholarship, athletes are getting all their school supplies, dorm, food, and classes paid for. If athletes are paid, they will be able to pay for their own classes, school supplies, dorm cost, and food so the scholarship will be ineffective.

All the controversy has caused a big problem for college athletes and is why athletes should not be paid. If the athlete decides to continue their professional career, they are able to earn the cost of their education back in one paycheck. If they work hard and get drafted, then the money they were possibly going to make in college, is now in their hands as a professional.