Students build medical skills in CNA course

Samantha Le

The CNA class taught by Ms.Williams has been going off campus to go to the hospital, doing rotations, ever since the first few weeks of school.
While going into CNA, people are able to experience the medical field before they go to college and decide whether they want to continue going in the medical pathway.
“If you plan to go into a medical profession in the future, it is a good entry way to explore if you really want to do it,” Vincent Ho (12) said.
If anyone is interested in going into the medical pathway, CNA is a great way to experience a different type of medical profession and have a mindset about other jobs that can interest each person.
In this course, students are able to learn about what to do when actual medical emergencies happen. First hand exposure lets students make sure they are serious about going into the medical field, or if they can handle different types of medical situations that could happen in real life.
These experiences help each student figure out what branch or line of work in the medical field they want to go into, such as working as someone in the ER, a nurse, or even in the NICU. While students look forward to their future, they are able to know the kinds of things they would be doing in each field.
“It was exciting when a doctor let me shock a patient back into heart rhythm while they were performing a cardioversion,” Sanjana Nittala (12) said.
As CNA gets further into the semester, they are able to do more hands on things and experience more than they were able to in principles of health science, medical terminology, and medical assisting.
During rotations, students are able to shadow around each department once. Some examples of the department they are able to shadow would be ER, radiology, and the catheterization laboratory.
After doing everything in the hospital, students come back to school and learn new skills to be able to help them at the nursing home during the second semester. By the time they graduate, they will be able to have more experience with the medical field and most likely know what they plan on becoming the future.