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Andrea Martinez
My time on The Quill Staff has been the greatest part of my high school career. It’s insane to think about how I didn’t even enjoy Newspaper when I first joined, and now I serve as Senior Editor. I joined the staff my sophomore year upon the insistence of my fellow editor, Kayla (thanks girl!) and mostly because I wanted to be able to write. Not knowing what to expect, I ended up falling in love with journalism. I’ve always been a curious person by nature, and Newspaper became a means of satisfying that curiosity. I loved finding out about things happening at Cedar Ridge and in the community, reporting, and writing about them. Being able to write about subjects that interest me is the greatest liberty I have been able to acquire through journalism. At first it was difficult for me to gather the courage necessary to interview complete strangers, but through the years I’ve been able to overcome that fear thanks to being a part of the staff, something I will always be thankful for. By being a part of the staff, I have gained important communication and leadership skills I will use throughout my life. One of my favorite things about being a part of The Quill is when we distribute our newspaper, when I get to hold my published work in my hands and share it with all of Cedar Ridge. Of course, my greatest honor on staff has been serving as an editor for the past two years. While it’s a lot of hard work, I enjoy being a larger part of something I love so much. Being able to ensure our content is as best and as accurate as can be, being involved in the designing process, and helping out the new staffers brings me a lot of satisfaction. I’ll be very sad when my time with The Quill ends when I graduate next May. I will always remember the experience and treasure it as one of my best high school memories. I can only hope there’s someone else out there who will keep our student newspaper going. In the meantime, I am going to enjoy every second I have left writing for it.

Andrea Martinez, Quill Senior Editor

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