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Kayla Boehler
My time as a staff writer for the Cedar Ridge newspaper has been a whirlwind but also the best time of my life. Just like many athletes or performing arts students, I come to school mostly for my extracurricular activity. I have been a part of The Quill staff for 4 years now and have moved from writer, to online editor, to co-editor, and finally editor-in-chief. Journalism has taught me a lot about becoming a leader and gaining more confidence in myself. I used to be a shy, quiet girl that would only talk to people if I was friends with them, but now I can talk to anyone that I need to for stories. Journalism is a dying art but it’s something I want to pursue. I am planning on going to Texas State for college and will minor in Journalism because it has become such a strong passion of mine. I can’t wait to leave Cedar Ridge but I will miss the school newspaper a lot and all the times Shands has roasted me during lunch periods as well as my past fellow editors.

Kayla Boehler, Quill Editor-in-Chief

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